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I set up an appointment to visit the property with the real estate agent, property owner, or other authorized person. Evening and weekend hours are available.


At the site, I accurately measure the property and take reference photographs. Depending on the size of the property, this can take from a half-hour to several hours. Here I can make note of any special features or descriptive names, and discuss options if any redesign drawings are desired.


We discuss your preferences as to page organization and placement, digital format, and such items as inclusion of your logo and contact information on the page. Plans can be in color or black-and-white, and can also include representative furnishings and other decorative details such as floor tile and plants. If you have design requirements such as specific typefaces or colors, I can integrate these into your plans as well.


If you have an existing plan in the form of a blueprint, hand-drawn plan, or even a napkin sketch with dimensions, I can transform your drawing into an elegant and clear floor plan.


At my office I generate the plans in the agreed-upon format and deliver them to you within 72 hours (usually within 48 hours). I can deliver plans in PDF or JPG formats. Any changes can be discussed and the revised plans sent back to you as soon as possible. I deliver plans via email.