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Commercial properties:

Commercial and industrial property rates start at $150 minimum for up to 8 “defined spaces”, adding $15 per space up to 25 spaces, and $10 per space in excess of that. “Defined spaces” include atria, reception areas, porches, bathrooms, manufacturing areas, attached garages, and other unique areas, but do not include cubicles or bathroom stalls.


Residential properties:

Up to 1500 sq ft: $150

Each additional 500 sq ft or part thereof: $35. Examples: 2,700 sq ft = $255; 3,400 sq ft = $290; 4,800 sq ft = $395; 8000 sq ft and over: Rate upon request


Redraws of existing plans:

Up to 3,000 sq ft: $100

3,001 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft: $150

10,001 sq ft and over: on request


Rush service can be accommodated upon request, depending on our schedule.


Area for billing purposes is determined by the measured and calculated square footage of the property. I do not include open decks, exterior stairs, and other non-interior features in area calculations. Detached garages and enclosed or semi-enclosed porches may be included in the total area by request if drawn. Unusual angles or features may necessitate slightly higher rates.